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Bio of Kirk Wilson

Married to my spiritually and physically beautiful wife of 26 years and the proud father of 4 adult young men ages 40,39,33 and 24.  I thank Yah (God’s name in Hebrew) daily for his love, grace, mercy and his call on my life to help eradicate hunger in this world and be an advocate for children.


Yah prepared me for his calling through my dark times as a child from ages 9-15.   He always had his hands on me. Through the abuse (preparation) I suffered at the hands of my mother which included beatings with extension cords and unnecessary enemas. The worst of all was not having food for one or two days at a time which led me at times to eat out of trash cans.  To get back at my mother, I attempted to commit suicide.  What I realized almost 20 years later as I gave my life to Yah , the Elohim, was with me every second of every day and He was preparing me for His purpose for my life.  So, the anger and hate I had for my mother turned into forgiveness and thankfulness.


Fifteen years ago I started to attend the Soul Factory Church pastored by Deron and Jill Cloud.   I had been teaching children’s church at Mt. Sinai when I came there.  I started where I left off, but I knew I should be doing more.  Pastor Jill had just started a ministry called “Samaritans Choice” where every Friday we would feed the homeless.  I joined that ministry and my spirit became uplifted beyond words.  About 9 years later, Pastor Deron started a ministry called “Kids Eat Free” where we would partner with schools and give food to kids on Friday so they would have food for the weekend.  These children qualified for free breakfast and lunch at their schools.  So, that ministry was a blessing to my soul.   I am uniquely qualified to know exactly what it feels like not to be able to tell people you’re hungry as a child or being hungry period.


No matter how dark or hopeless your situation might seem Yah is with you always.  Yah has a great plan for all of our lives and no one can take that away but you.  We are Yah ’s children and we have his power in us.  We have to walk in it and never let anyone take it from us.


Yah has given us our time, our talents and our treasure.    The least I can do is allow Him to use me anytime, anyplace, and anyway he chooses.  I am honored and privileged to serve Yah by serving his people.  This is how “Feeding & Clothing the Needy” came about, combining both above  ministries and serving the community.  Please join me in helping to eradicate hunger in this world.

No one should go hungry.

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